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Garage Door Cable Repair|

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We Repair Garage Door Cables

We, at Precision Garage Doors, provide best-in-class garage door cable repair service any time of the day. The garage door cable knowingly or unknowingly gets damaged or broken. Our trained staff knows very well how to wind the new cable while repairing a broken garage door cable. By propelling the winding bar at the bottom hole of the new cable, we make sure the garage door cable is situated properly and works smoothly. Our technicians are trained to solve any of your garage door cable repair needs.

Broken garage door cable leads to door opening issues and problems. Our staff knows how to unwind the cable and fix the broken garage door cable to offer effective garage door opener repair services. By using the proper nuts, bolts, springs, and equipment, we repair the broken garage cables with precision. Our staff know about the technicalities of locking pinholes, torsion tubes, set screws, and provide fast solutions for any broken garage door cable.

We follow a meticulous step-by-step process for all garage door cable repair services. Our technicians glide the cables, adjust torsion tubes, and adjust the brackets efficiently to make sure the garage door works smoothly and efficiently. At Precision Garage Doors, all our cable repair procedures are done with the best equipment.

We don’t only guarantee fast emergency cable repairs but also great skills in installing garage door cables. If the existing cables are old, loose, irreparable or damaged, rest assured that we will install new ones at your convenience and with great caution.

Isn’t it annoying having the garage door cables keep coming off all the time?

When it comes to such important parts of the garage system, our company rushes to helping customers in Calgary as soon as possible. Cable problems are not just frustrating for owners but also dangerous. Since they are connected with the spring system and tightened, they are also tensed and can hurt you. Precision Garage Door tries to eliminate the possibility of cable breakage by offering maintenance service and thorough inspections, but our team is here to deal with all urgent cable repairs needs as well.

When the problem involves Precision Garage Door cables!

We arrive at your property as soon as possible. Our team provides immediate repairs, which also include the replacement of the garage door cables. There is usually only one breaking every time, but our technicians always replace both of them. Once the cables replaced and the new cables is installed, our professionals test the balance of the door and make sure it closes and opens evenly on both sides. We can replace cables for all spring systems and fix the extension spring pulleys if they cause cable damage.

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