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Garage Door Spring Repair

Same Day Garage Door Spring Repair Calgary & Surrounding

Garage door springs broken or need repair asap?

If you are reading this it is quite likely that you are looking for garage door spring repair or replacement because your door is not opening or closing correctly. At Precision Garage Doors, we have the ability to provide this service at a most reasonable cost to our clients in Calgary and surrounding area. We deal with all garage doors issues so you can be sure that we will take care of it for you. We are experts in garage door springs repair and we can install a brand new garage door for you if the present one is too old.

You may not realize it, but a garage door is the heaviest movable object of your home!

Weighing often in excess of 350 or 400 pounds! We blindly put our trust in the rollers, tracks, and springs when the door cycles up and down, and also commonly with a car or a person underneath as it opens. The component that performs most of the work is a spring, and it does so under hundreds of pounds of pressure and torsion. Unfortunately these springs can often break, rendering the door immovable and trapping a car either inside or outside the garage.

It is very important that your garage door be in good condition at all times!

Many homeowners forget that the garage door is an entry into the home. In fact, it is more likely that an intruder will get into your home through the garage and not the front door or windows. If your garage door has not been serviced on a regular basis it is now time that you took action. Call us at Precision Garage Doors and we will make sure that your garage door is secure and you are safe.

One of the things that distinguish us from other Garage door companies in Calgary, is the quality of work that we provide. All our technicians are highly trained and they come to us with a great deal of experience.

They are not just experts at all things to do with different brands of garage doors, they are also professional, courteous and they work fast so that they can get out of your way. In addition to that, we only use parts from top manufacturers so you can be sure that whatever repairs or installations we undertake for you will last a long time. We don’t stop there; our technicians work with a 21-points checklist that enables them to determine that your garage door is at its best.

While this type of repair CAN be done by a Homeowner!

If they are experienced and know how to do it safely with the correct equipment – 99% of the time this is not the case. For safety and warranty assurances, garage door springs should always be replaced by an overhead door expert. When winding or unwinding the springs, they can snap without warning, which can result in serious injury. When the screws of the springs are loosened, the person repairing the springs is in control of all the torsion — a process that can be intimidating to a novice DIY repairer, and something we do not recommend you take on – often for the first time and this can have disastrous results. Let us take care of this for you – safely and correctly – (587)600-7919.

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