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Commercial Overhead Door Repair

We do 24/7 and same day repairs at no additional cost.

Precision Garage Doors has successfully completed some of the largest and extremely technical commercial overhead door projects in recent years in Calgary and surrounding areas. Whether you are in search of a new door for your warehouse, commercial project or small business or if you are looking for value engineering assistance with your new large scale commercial project, please contact us and one of our consultants would be happy to assist you.  Precision Garage Doors is a fully licensed, insured and bondable company. We stock a large inventory of commercial replacement parts and also offer prompt 24 hour service 365 days a year. With our 2 hour emergency response time and large fleet, we are able to get our customers up and running so your business or home security is not compromised.

Often, the problem may be simply that your door needs hardware upgrade. Precision Garage Door technicians will inspect your commercial garage door equipment to determine whether a hardware upgrade will suffice or if your business will need new garage doors. By making appropriate hardware changes to your overhead commercial door, you can upgrade the door to a high-cycle door. Such changes can include:

  • Switching to double end hinges and long-stem rollers
  • Using a 3” rather than a 2” track
  • Upgrading the cycle life of the torsion springs using a solid shaft rather than hollow
  • Using a corrosion proof counter-balance system
  • Upgrading to corrosion proof hardware

We offer a full PM service on a quarterly, semi and annual basis.

Once you have decided that having your overhead door maintained is the right choice for you, our technicians will come and inspect your existing equipment and work up a price for you. Depending on how many overhead doors you have and how often you utilize them will also be a factor when creating your maintenance agreement.

During our regular maintenance calls, we will inspect all pieces of equipment, lube all motors and check the belts, as well as any other needed tasks to ensure you never experience a mishap with your overhead door.

Plus, when you are on our maintenance program, you will also receive the following:

  • Priority scheduling for service
  • Discounted rates
  • Establish relationship with experienced, service-oriented professionals

At Precision Garage Doors, we repair all makes and models of commercial overhead doors. We offer the highest quality service with the lowest guaranteed prices for all commercial garage door repairs. Please call us at 587-600-7919 to schedule your next appointment.

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